Going to College 101: How to Transport Your Student’s Car to Campus

Your baby bird is fleeing the nest. They are so anxious and excited. You’re flooded with all kinds of emotions no matter if they’re going near or far. The last thing that you want to think about right now is moving them and all of their belongings; you’re too busy stressing about everything else!

You’re slowly but surely doing all of your planning, when you get to the “how are we getting there?” part. And everything starts becoming complicated. And before you know it, you’re overwhelmed. They’re overwhelmed. Everyone’s overwhelmed.

Whether you’re driving your little adult across the country to their next destination personally, or you simply don’t want to picture them driving by themselves and they would rather fly — they’re still going to need a way to get around their new town once they get there. Shipping or transporting your student’s car, truck, or motorcycle is definitely the simplest way to handle this situation, and it’s more affordable than you may think.  

Why Auto Transport to College is a Great Choice for Parents

It’s typically a family’s first instinct when sending their child to college to just have them drive themselves there with their belongings inside of the car due to cost concerns, however that may not be the best solution for your unique transition.

We know that you are going through a big change right now and our goal is to simplify that for you as much as possible, even if you’re just going a few hundred miles.

There are a few things to take into consideration when making this decision:

  • Do you feel safe having them drive themselves to their new school?
  • Is the school so far away that driving isn’t practical, so they’ll have to fly?
  • Do you plan on driving there with them? How are you going to get home? Is it cost-effective to pay for return airfare, gas, hotels, etc.?
  • Are they going to need their car on a daily or routine basis while they are away?

Our experienced professionals at Ship It Quick can help you decide what is right for you and your student, call us now at 1-877-832-9974 to get started.

Why Auto Transport is a Great Solution for Students

You’ve just been accepted into school and you’re prepping and getting so excited. While you’re shopping for dorm décor, packing up everything you can as tight as possible, and spending time with friends that you may not see for a while, you still have this looming duty of figuring out how you’re getting to school.

How far away is school? Do you feel safe driving that far? Is it a good financial choice when you put gas, hotels, food, etc. into the equation? Are you afraid of driving alone or are you just simply dreading the road trip? Are you going to have parking available immediately or will you need to somehow get your car after you’ve already gotten to school?

It’s wise to remember that auto transport is always an option. Around heavy college traffic time, many carriers will be available on shorter notice or even offer better deals so they can fill their truck and get moving due to the high volume. Be sure to get a rate quote on how much it would be to ship your car, it may end up saving you time, money, and hassle.

We know you have a lot to think and worry about in this time, but it’s supposed to be a celebration! Minimize the stress by giving us a call at 1-877-832-9974 and let us (literally) take the wheel.

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