How Do Snowbirds Influence Vehicle Shipping Rates?

If you’ve clicked on this link and are reading this article, you probably know what “snowbirds” are already, but in case you’re unaware, a snowbird is someone who has the luxury of having two or more homes — typically very far apart in different types of climates and they physically move with the seasons to stay away from the cold and stormy times of the year. Snowbirds are generally already retired, however, there is a small percentage of Americans who have the ability to work remotely or out of other offices and choose this lifestyle as well.

Some people who choose to live across the country depending on the season will simply choose to drive down, but most choose auto transport or shipping due to the fact that they already have a fully furnished home filled with their own belongings that they’re traveling to. Before making the decision, take these questions into consideration:

  • Is it cost effective to spend money on hotels, gas, food, etc. during the road trip?
  • Do you feel safe driving that far of a distance?
  • Are you traveling with a lot of luggage?
  • Do you want to put that kind of mileage on your car?
  • Do you need more than one car at your other home for more than one driver? Will it be an inconvenience traveling and driving the long distance alone?
  • Are you traveling with small pets that may handle a short plane ride better than a long car trip?
  • Are you flexible with the date(s) that you need your car to arrive at your destination?

When Do Snowbirds Travel?

In a typical seasonal-living situation, people, couples, and families travel away from their main home during times of inclement weather to their second home (or third, fourth, etc.) in the more desirable months of the year.

These lucky few live in one home during the winter, and possibly longer if the weather works out in their favor. Florida and other warm weathered climates are typically where secondary homes are located. In the opposite seasons of spring and summer, they live in another home, usually their main home, which is located in an area where it gets very cold in the winter and fall.

Due to the fact that seasons generally happen around the same time each year, this means that snowbirds will likely be traveling in high volume at the same times every year. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Despite the fact that the demand is so high during these specified dates, it can be a positive thing for the consumer.

Shipping rates can change by the day around these times due to several different reasons, like receiving a shipping order to a rural area that happens to be located close to your destination or getting lucky by getting a driver that has one spot left on a truck who was about to head out on his journey right as you call to place your order.  

Tips For Snowbirds Considering Auto Transport

  1. Try to be available at your destination as opposed to your point of origin. If you have a trusted family member or a friend that can take a few minutes to do some light paperwork when the driver arrives, it will be much more convenient for you than not being at your destination when the driver arrives. However, we can always make arrangements to deliver your vehicle to a person that you specify before the auto transport occurs. (If you’re flying and can be at both events, even better!)
  2. Remember, auto shipping rates can fluctuate day-to-day. Booking your shipment months in advance most likely will not help you save money. In fact, the closer to the date of your car becoming available to be shipped, the cheaper it could be. (This is not a guarantee, just some friendly advice about reserving your spot.)
  3. Keep in mind, auto shipping is similar to shipping any kind of package. The more flexible you are with the dates that your package, or car in this instance, can be delivered — the cheaper the auto transport will be. Pretend like you’re shipping a box; if you choose priority shipping in 1-2 days, you’re going to be paying more than the “standard” cheaper rate, where your box can be delivered anywhere from 1-10 days. It’s a similar concept to car shipping.

Remember, you can always call our seasoned professionals at Ship It Quick at 1-877-832-9974 for more details, with any questions you may have, or to set up your own vehicle shipment today!

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